2013 Nominee Fast Facts

Games With Multiple Nominations

Six Nominations:
(Titanfall sets a new record for most E3 nominations in the history of the GCAs).

Five Nominations:
Watch Dogs

Three Nominations:
Battlefield 4
The Elder Scrolls Online

Two Nominations:
Batman: Arkham Origins
Company of Heroes 2
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Infamous: Second Son
Oculus Rift
Plants vs. Zombies 2
PlayStation 4
Total War: Rome II

Publisher Breakdown
Electronic Arts: 16 Nominations
Sony Computer Entertainment: 10 Nominations
Ubisoft: 8 Nominations
Activision: 7 Nominations
Nintendo: 5 Nominations
Sega: 4 Nominations
WBIE: 4 Nominations
Bethesda: 3 Nominations
Disney: 3 Nominations
Xbox: 3 Nominations
Oculus VR: 2 Nominations

Nominee Breakdown by Platform

(Multiplatform games are counted in all appropriate platform tallies. Information based on announced platforms for each game as of 6/26/13.)

Xbox 360: 37 Games
Xbox One: 34 Games
PC: 34 Games
PlayStation 4: 33 Games
PlayStation 3: 32 Games
Wii-U: 13 Games